I feel the lungs that have been doing their work quietly inside the hospital. I feel the hands that can make art […]. I feel the feet that can let me run anywhere I want, into the park and out of it and down to my bike to go all over Brooklyn and Manhattan too, once I convince my mom. I feel my stomach and liver and all that mushy stuff that’s in there handling food, happy to be back in use. But most of all I feel my brain, up there taking in blood and looking out on the world and noticing humor and light and smells and dogs and every other thing in the world – everything in my life is all in my brain, really, so it would be natural that when my brain was screwed up, everything would be. I feel my brain on top of my spine and I feel it shift a little bit to the left. That’s it. It happened in my brain once the rest of my body has moved. I don’t know where my brain went. It got knocked off-kilter somewhere. It got caught up in some crap it couldn’t deal with. But now it’s back – connected to my spine and ready to take charge.

Ned Vizzini: It‘s kind of a funny story. pp.442f.

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